We often hear expressions like: that girl is so tall, and this girl is so cute!
This is to describe tall girl and small beauty commonly used praise way, no matter be tall pick no matter, or it is exquisite, respective have respective advantage, each have respective advantage, as if two kinds of difference bigger girl can find balance, but in reality, small girl can’t find this kind of balance from start to finish.

The sister of life, under 160 cm tall, even if again beautiful, whether in yourself or in others heart, always feel is missing something, but don’t have to, if you grasp the “change” yourself high dress rules, can improve the waist line, stretch the leg proportion, from the vision of others in 5 to 10 cm tall.

Crop short T-shirt

Short tops are great for visual stretching and will naturally make you look taller.
Unique style, small letter design at neckline, simple but not simple, easy to match, and high-waisted skirt, high-waisted pants collocation are very taste.

A shirtdress with vertical stripes

Vertical stripes have a stretching effect. If they are consistent, the effect will be better. Just like this shirtdress with vertical lines from the shoulder to the skirt, it not only makes the girl look fresh and neat, but also makes you look taller when the skirt is above the knee.

A solid color denim halter skirt, especially one with multiple pockets

Halter skirts improve body proportions, improve visual height, and are standard above the knee.

Organza lantern sleeve doll dress

However, it is a very fresh dress, while the lantern sleeves can decorate the thick arms, the V-neck can make the neck appear longer, the high waist line plus the skirt length above the knee, and the effect of showing the length of legs.

Split high – waisted denim shorts

The design of high waist promotes waist line, easy build body show thin, still can lengthen figure scale scale from the vision, it is the secret collocation that shows big and long leg more.

Simple five-minute trousers of literary style

It’s a versatile five-piece, but remember to keep it a little above the knee, wide and straight.
Such design can let a girl arrive from waist leg, appear neat and agile, match low upper shoe again, wear the temperament that gives extraordinary.

Chiffon navy skirt pants

Culottes are a good choice for petite girls, not only can have the same effect as pants, but also need not worry about going off, the most important is the navy blue culottes and what clothes are good to match.

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