How to choose a sweater in autumn, otherwise really show ugly

Who doesn’t like sweaters as a trendy fall single or as a winter base?
But sweater is versatile again, also need to pay attention to these three points, otherwise minutes to reduce your appearance level, but also very fat!
1.Do not pile up collars and turtlenecks

Heap heap collar and a turtleneck render unlined upper garment, especially in autumn and winter a lot of sister like wearing a turtle neck style, but this style, as a short neck and a big round face girl, must choose, I will be a short neck, in wearing a turtleneck render unlined upper garment, will look you in the head and upper body feeling together, don’t have any temperament, also seem to be very very fat face!

So this kind of bottom top should choose carefully, general round neck and V neck bottom top more versatile, but also can decorate the face shape.
2. don’t be too fancy

Qiu Dong wears bottom ungarment really do not want too flowery, contracted it is classic namely, a tonal atmosphere, the bottom unadorned with simple design, just be you joker choose.
Too gaudy bottom shirt always gives a person a strong smell of rural junction.

Accordingly, should choose tonal and simple solid lubricious bottom unlined upper garment to undertake collocation, it just is the sheet that is fashionable knot never outdated all the time is tasted!
3.don’t be too tight

First is don’t choose too tight render unlined upper garment, many women like wearing the render of cultivate one’s morality, whether by outside by special good, feel practical joker, for a poor girls, but if you choose too render unlined upper garment of cultivate one’s morality, not only can’t modelling points for you, also your upper body so fault component of exposure.

So want to choose appropriate a little bit loose bottom to be ok.


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