How to choose high heels that suit you

High heels are exclusive fashion items for girls, which can not only directly increase the figure, but also improve the body and temperament, making people more feminine.
But what is a good pair of heels?
The higher the heel, the better the shape?
How do you choose high heels?
1. What height do you choose

First of all, the height of high heels. Let’s take a look at the comparison figure. It can be clearly seen that the height of high heels achieves the best effect on the shape of legs when it is about 8cm.
So in order to achieve a better body image, those who insist on high heels really don’t have to suffer so much.

2. Aesthetic problems

(1) waterproof platform problems, such as Ladygaga’s deep love of ultra-waterproof shoes.
Even petite shoes are not recommended.
Especially for petite women, even if you feel taller, compared to the clunky feeling of shoes, there is a real lack of beauty.
With its blind pursuit of height, do not prevent to try to increase their own lightsome spirit dynamic reality.
(2). The more complex the style, the harder it is to master

Especially for petite girls, all kinds of complex decoration will not only make your lower body more attractive, cumbersome at the same time will make your center of gravity lower, more shorter.
In particular, the more complicated the shoes are, the higher the requirement for the figure is!
3. Quality — stability and comfort

Look at these even if it is snowing day also the star tide people that the foot steps on 10 centimeters high heeled shoes, even if shoe stability is very good, want to walk normally also not easy.
Regardless of how good the shoes look, if the stability of the shoes is not guaranteed, even the normal walk is difficult to maintain, then these shoes are certainly not a good shoe.

What does comfort mean?
A good pair of shoes, to improve your temperament and fashion, comfort is a must.
It’s not just taking responsibility for your own health, it’s basically making you feel comfortable that adds to your image.

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