How do girls choose swimsuits?(Must-see for girls)

Swimsuits, trunks and caps are essential equipment for going out swimming.
Whether you’re in a hot spring, in a swimming pool, or out swimming, you should do your homework.
So, a lot of people tangled, do not wear underwear and underwear, dirty things are easy to get into there, and there are concave and convex appearance, especially awkward, in order to avoid these problems, small make up very sure to tell you do not wear underwear, and choose a swimsuit should pay attention to the following points.
1. Fabric: Choose a stretch swimsuit.

If the suit is made entirely of stretch fabric, the suit can follow the movement of the body and stay close to the body.
Pay special attention to the fabric should not choose imitation, poor fabric, poor elasticity, after entering the water with extremely poor resilience swimsuit experience will be reduced.
Quality swimsuits, for example, those worn by professional athletes, must be flexible and absorbent, reducing drag and weight.

2. Workmanship: Choose swimsuits with fine workmanship.

Swimsuits are practical sports clothes with strong stretching effect, so it is better not to choose spliced styles. When the amount of exercise is very large, spliced places are easy to split, and well-made swimsuits are very comfortable to wear, and also fit the body very well.
3. Color: Choose a bathing suit that’s close to your skin tone.

When choosing a swimsuit, you should first look at whether the colors are matched. The colors of the swimsuit can highlight the posture, adjust the overall beauty, and make the whole body tone very harmonious.
Generally, black and white are suitable for any skin tone. Black is very practical and can hide the deficiency on the body. Brown skin should be matched with warm color, while white skin should be matched with pink color.
4. Pattern: Choose a swimsuit according to your body shape.

For a slightly chubby beauty, plain color swimsuits are a good choice.
If be the beauty with slim body, can consider the swimsuit that has decorative pattern, look on the vision can compare plump.
For a fuller figure, opt for a simple style, and for a fuller figure, try to avoid swimsuits that are too light in color, as floral patterns can be thin.

The above four points are my opinion. What’s your opinion on choosing a swimsuit?

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