The dress collocation skill of different figure

Apple shape

1, the characteristics of

The apple figure girl, the lower limbs slender slender, the waist and abdomen rounded protruding.

Therefore, the girl of this kind of figure has the advantage of thin legs, not too plump waist and abdomen.

2, the key to dress: beautiful legs, belly

► avoid tights.Sun li and xiao S are both apple-shaped and look like pregnant mothers when wearing tight clothes

► the upper body is loose and the lower body shows legs.Since we have belly fat, we’ll cover it up and dry our own long legs.Small S these two sets are very scheming ~ the position of the belly dark loose cloth, covered the abdomen.

A girlfriend may have long legs and a slight waist.So her private clothes are generally covered upper body, show the big long legs, will be better than the kind of waist line.

► the lower waist should fit properly.Because of the waist of apple figure this paragraph compares flesh flesh, the high waist that is forced concave in wrong position, can let a person appear more bloat only.

Pear-shaped figure

1, the characteristics of

A girl with a pear-shaped figure has a plump lower body, narrow shoulders and small breasts, a narrow waist and wide hips, and fleshy thighs.This is the shape of most girls, the most common type.

  1. Dressing key: highlight the waist, cover the thigh and widen the shoulders

► suitable for high-waisted type A lower garment.To expose a small waist while covering up thigh meat, high-waisted pants are a good choice.However, the version should not be too large, the appropriate width and A font is very good.

► don’t pack the bottom too tightly.Avoid bell-bottoms that are tight around the thighs and wide at the top, because the thighs are already tight and the calves are wide, so the whole leg will look thick.

Wrap up the skirt, but don’t wrap it too tight.Must leave proper loose space, just won’t highlight the flesh of ham.

► a top with wide shoulders.A girl with a pear-shaped body may have narrow shoulders.A narrow shoulder is easy to show a big head, you can try to emphasize the shoulder width.

Hourglass figure

  1. Characteristics: large chest, small waist and small buttocks

Actually this kind of figure is really quite good!The place that should have flesh has, fore convex hind warped, waist is fine still.But there are still many little fairies who find their boobs too big and their buttocks too big to be fashionable.

2, the key to dress: highlight the advantages of small waist

► if you want to show off your curves, wear something tighter.For example, a tight top (usually in modal), a butt-hugging skirt, tight pants, or a belt at the waist can accentuate a curve.

► if you are too plump, you can choose to highlight your breasts or butt.For example, the upper body is tight to show the chest, and the lower body is loose to cover the buttocks. When the upper body is loose, the lower body is tight.

Top and bottom looseness is a big no-no for an hourglass girl, because the most advantageous small waist is blocked, the whole person looks big and round

► if you don’t want the waves to get rough, hold the v-neck tightly.When wearing a shirt, remember not to button all the buttons, leaving two or three at the top.

Well, today’s share is here, do not know to the young ladies have help, different figure of dress collocation skills let us are good figure!

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