Here are a few rules women in their 30s need to know about how to wear

Recently, I have talked a lot about the basic knowledge of learning collocation. Many friends can’t wait to know how to use it!So today you want the dry goods come, hurry up to collect it ~

Style, fabric and color are all important aspects of clothing collocation, among which I think color is the first consideration. If a garment style is not satisfactory (such as v-neck but round neck), it can be changed through accessories and internal and external matching, while if the color is not suitable, there is almost no chance to change.So if the color doesn’t fit, please get rid of such clothes in the first place.

The first principle of this dress collocation: tricolour principle.That is, do not appear on the body of more than three colors.

I believe many people have heard about this principle, but there is a big misunderstanding.Here three of the color does not include the same color, the color of black and white also not be classified as three kinds of color, gold and silver is not exactly three colors (can be used to match the dark carry bright), in the end, close to the skin of nude is not 3 kinds of color, therefore, highly recommend everyone needs to have black and white naked item and the gold and silver accessories, three color principle determines the degree of their use must be of the highest.

Clothing collocation principle 2: the principle of light and shade (this is my own summary, welcome discussion) : the above three color principle refers to only the color, but even the same kind of color, light and shade feeling will be different, such as red and wine red, sapphire blue and sky blue, a suit is tie-in, bright colors are kept in one to two, if there are two (such as bump color), color piece area must be good control, otherwise color will be upstaged the facial features.In contrast, use gold, silver, or other bright colors to brighten your outfit if it’s in a dull tone (accessories are important)

Well, after watching must remember the practice, the real use of a better match out of clothing.

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