Carrot legs, we often say that the calf is too thick, even if the upper body is perfect, the thick and round lower body will greatly damage your image. How to dress and match the carrot legs, this is the theme we are going to talk about today. We can’t make the proportions of the body more perfect in the true sense, so we can start visually and dress up to conceal our shortcomings and make our advantages more prominent.

1. Miniskirt is a taboo of carrot legs
The charm of miniskirts is really exciting, and I am always envious of others wearing miniskirts. But I want to tell the girl with carrot legs, as for the miniskirt, just look at it. If you really want to wear it, you will be exposed, and the thick calf will be displayed in front of others in minutes.

2. Carrot legs are more suitable for mid-length skirts
The length of the mid-length skirt most suitable for carrot legs should just cover the thickest part of the calf. If you choose short skirts or half-length skirts, they must be brightly colored. Bright colors can shift the attention of others, and then match dark-colored stockings. If it is a pattern with vertical stripes or small lattices, the overall color must be dark. Girls who like one-piece miniskirts can be paired with small flared jeans to overlap them, which can also cover the carrot legs well.

3. Long skirts and three-quarter skirts can well modify carrot legs
For girls with radish legs, it’s very good to choose a long skirt or a three-quarter skirt. If you think it’s not fashionable enough, then the mini skirt should be fashionable enough. As for the matching, you can learn from the multi-layered dress of spring and summer pants and short skirts. Here is a key When choosing pants, be sure to choose loose and not tight ones.

4. Large A-line skirt is also suitable for carrot legs
Generally, for girls with carrot legs, most of us use concealment, so the A-line skirt with a larger skirt should be at least 15 to 25 cm above the ankle, which can cover the calf while showing beautiful slenderness. Ankle. If you like dresses, then try to choose a waistband or high-profile style. The most important thing is a skirt with a length below the calf. It gives the impression of procrastination, inactivity, and lack of agility. The reason for choosing a high waist section or The waistband style uses these details to adjust the proportions of the figure, while also making the waist look slim and beautiful

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