1. Coat matching
①Skinny people are suitable for cocoon coats;

②Those who are slightly fat choose silhouette clothes;

③ Dressing rules: top pine and bottom tight;

④ Loose pants, matching short boots are good-looking;

⑤It is a taboo to wear boots and expose the side of socks;

2. Rules
① Loose tops must be pierced into slim pants;

②You need to tighten and loosen when you look thin.

③A-line skirt looks good with a short coat and jacket;

④The loose top is most suitable for loose jacket.

3. Scarf matching
①The overall dark color, the scarf light color;

②The overall light color, the scarf light color;

③ Simple dressing, embellishment with scarves;

4. Wear shoes
①The top is long, high heels match best;

② Wear short skirts and boots;

③Check clothes, best matched with British style;

④Different clothing styles require different shoes.

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