How to match the little black leather skirt to look good? Many girls often ask me this on the Internet. The small black leather skirt has different characteristics from the fabric. It will look more noble and temperament when worn on the body. Since there are so many people asking, let me talk about its matching.

1. Black leather skirt + white shirt

A small white shirt on the upper body and a small black leather skirt on the lower body. You can also wear a jacket outside the shirt when it is cold. This is a common matching scheme, and it is also a very comfortable match that looks very natural and generous.

2. Black pleated small leather skirt + blue floral top

The upper body is a short-sleeved shirt with low-key colors. The blue floral design has a loose profile, the floral and black fabric stitching, and the lower body is matched with a black pleated skirt, which is very age-reducing and makes you appear Small and cute.

3. High waist black leather skirt + light blue shirt

A light blue simple and atmospheric small shirt on the upper body and a small leather skirt with high waist design on the lower body. Tuck the hem of the small shirt into the leather skirt, making the high waist design of the leather skirt more conducive to lengthening your body proportions, and The whole match also looks refreshing and clean.

4. Black one-step leather skirt + white shirt

A white shirt on the upper body and a black one-step leather skirt on the lower body. This is also the most popular match for professional women at work. They are particularly temperamental and capable when worn on the body. With the pattern of the bow design on the white shirt, it shows the elegance and cuteness of the little woman. Incisively and vividly.

5. Black leather pleated skirt + white chiffon shirt

Black leather pleated short skirt, the refreshing belt design is particularly beautiful, the upper body is matched with a white chiffon shirt, and the hem of the shirt is tucked into the skirt, which is very tall and has a retro style. It is especially comfortable on top.

6. Black pleated short leather skirt + dark blue sweater

In spring and autumn, sweaters are more suitable. Use dark blue sweaters with black pleated short leather skirts, which are playful and cute.

7. Black large pleated short leather skirt + small gray shirt

The upper body is a small gray shirt, and the hem is tied into a black large pleated short leather skirt. The A-shaped loose skirt looks very thin. The combination of the two is particularly casual and individual.

8. Black ruffled leather skirt + unique tailoring gray woolen coat

A very creative ruffled black leather short skirt, coupled with a high-waist design style, can easily stretch your legs long. The upper body is matched with a uniquely tailored gray woolen coat. Appears shrewd and capable.

9. Black leather skirt + brown sweater

A very beautiful little black leather skirt with a brown sweater on the upper body, which is more suitable for spring and autumn. It is easier for petite girls to show long legs.

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