For over-the-knee boots, people often say that they look good when others wear boots, but they never have the courage to buy a pair, because over-the-knee boots are very picky. Not only do they have to be in good shape, but also tall, but they are also very difficult. Matching, today, the matcher will let you see how to match the knee boots best.

In fact, are knee boots really so difficult to control?

Although over-the-knee boots are not a versatile item, they are not as cold as a plaid shirt or leopard print. If the knee boots are matched properly, it will definitely make you stunning and full of temperament, please see the picture below.

Kerr can be said to be a fanatical suitor of knee boots. She often wears knee boots with a variety of clothes in the streets.

Seeing this, someone may have to refute: Kerr, as a Victoria’s Secret model, has such a good figure. Anything on her body will be full of aura. The mere knee-length boots can show such an effect on her. That is expected.

To be honest, I am very, very opposed to these people who make comments on other people’s figures at every turn, but it is a good thing to question, at least someone has thought about it. Yes, tall, thin and beautiful people do look good in everything, but have you thought about things from another angle? As a tall, thin and beautiful person, you spend a lot of time every day to surpass yourself, and your deeds are neither high nor high. We, who are more beautiful and not thin, should we be willing to fall, and always be ordinary people in the vast sea? Big-name celebrities do not rely on clothing matching to show their own difference every day, put them in a bunch of people, who will see their difference.

Okay, let’s not say anything. If you say that these over-the-knee boots can only be a professional for tall people, then you are very wrong. Originally, over-the-knee boots are an artifact of showing height. Olivia Palermo, as a socialite in the Upper East Side of New York, is only 1 meter 62 and 3 meters tall, as a representative of a new generation of “IT GIRL”. Many of her matching examples are very suitable for girls with a height of 1 meter 60 or less as a reference and reference for dressing up. Of course, over-the-knee boots are just one of the items that she wears more often in daily matching.

Miroslava Duma is a well-known Russian socialite who can be described as an inspirational role model for short people. Recently, she is booming. In Russia, she can be said to be the hottest top brand in major fashion weeks. Why is she an inspirational role model for short people. What? The reason is that her height is said to be only 1.52 meters, and the official disclosure is 1.55 meters. Similarly, she is also an avid match of knee boots.

Seeing these photos, before I knew her real height, I killed her and did not believe that she was only 1.52 meters away.

Through the above three celebrities, you can see the unstoppable real strength of over-the-knee boots. Not only can they visually lengthen your leg lines, but also make you look taller and thinner overall! However, the premise is that you must know how to match.

The way to really make you look taller and thinner is not as long as you wear knee-high boots on your feet, but you have to start from the whole skillfully. The following is what we have proved through trial and practice that it can really show you Summary of Gao Xianshou’s experience.

1. Matching examples    1. The matching of knee-length boots and loose long sweater
Through so many street shots, it can be clearly felt that knee-high boots and loose-fitting long sweaters are the best matching partners. A pretty good match is to show a small section of thighs. Some people may ask, it’s all autumn and winter, and you still tell me to show my legs? In fact, it’s nothing. Originally over-the-knee boots are very warm. Exposed the thighs of 10 to 20 cm is equivalent to your hands and your face. After so many decades, isn’t it all right? Exposing such a small leg can not only make your overall match effect beautiful, but also add 100 points to sexy.

Of course, if you still hold the old baggage decades ago and can’t let go, if you are embarrassed to show your legs, we will also have corresponding matching measures to remedy it, that is, a long sweater for the upper body, paired with skinny jeans or leggings for the lower body. This kind of leggings, while looking good, also keeps you warm.

If you want to upgrade to the next level on the basis of this collocation, you can wear a short skirt under a loose sweater, revealing a little lace sleeves, and you can make you sexy like a dream horse right away. It’s lost.

2. A great matching cloak for knee boots
Generally speaking, the best-looking profile of over-the-knee boots is that the top is wide and narrow at the bottom, tall and thin. Of course, in the choice of over-the-knee boots, it is best that the boot can just wrap the legs.

The cloak can be said to be one of the most popular items this year. If you have already bought such a cloak that you can’t put it down, but you don’t know how to match it best, then buy another pair of over-the-knee boots, especially the petite sister, the cloak. Matching with knee-high boots will definitely make you confident, full of aura, popular, tall and thin.

3. The matching of knee-length boots, dresses and skirts
If you want a dress or skirt to look good with knee boots, the sleeves should not be too long. The minimum standard for a dress should be more than 20 cm above the knee. If it is a short skirt, it is more appropriate, of course the best-looking The match still exposes the legs.


Choose a skirt that matches with knee-length boots. The better-looking ones should choose an ultra-short wrap skirt. The advantage of matching with this skirt is that it can visually elongate the body lines, making the proportion of the whole body more likely perfect.

The combination of over-the-knee boots and ultra-short A-line skirt is a relatively common combination. Many girls think this combination is better, but for girls who want to show long legs, this combination is not advisable, because it will make your The body is virtually divided into two segments, as shown in the figure below.

When choosing a skirt that matches with over-the-knee boots, it should not be too long. A skirt that is too long will lose the effect of over-the-knee boots to stretch the legs. See the picture below to know if I am right?

When choosing silk stockings to match with knee-high boots, try not to choose patterns and bright ones, which will not only chaotic colors, but also make you look vulgar.

4. The matching of knee-high boots with jeans and shorts
As we mentioned earlier, the combination of over-the-knee boots and jeans is an excellent combination. If you wear short skirts and skinny jeans, choose a medium-length coat as much as possible. This combination will make people look neat and stylish. .

Of course, knee-high boots with denim shorts are also very good-looking, as shown below.

5. The combination of knee-length boots and fur or imitation fur
In the autumn season, fur or imitation fur not only brings warmth to people, but also brings nobility and temperament. Of course, you must not take it for granted. As long as it is fur, you will look noble and temperament when you wear it. Then you are very wrong, or you will become the second bear. Of course, the participation of knee boots is different. It can not only weaken the bloated feeling of fur, but also weaken too much old lady.

Among the many celebrities or fashion bloggers we refer to, the proportion of black over-the-knee boots is more than that of other colors. The reason is that black over-the-knee boots are thinner and more versatile. Of course, it’s not that you can’t buy over-the-knee boots in other shades except black. It’s just that the color of over-the-knee boots is always too limited in terms of color, because too flowery or too bright colors don’t feel good.

Below we will discuss the color matching of knee boots.

Second, the color matching of knee boots 1. The same color matching
In the color matching of knee-high boots, after many practices, it is undoubtedly the best to match the same color, whether you are black or other colors other than black, when the tones of the upper body and the boots are in the same range , Then the effect of height and thinness of over-the-knee boots will be exerted to the extreme; if your upper body clothing has too many colors, then when matching with over-the-knee boots, the upper body must have a single product color that is consistent with it. So as to form a response from top to bottom, to achieve the effect of lengthening the body proportion.

1. The same color match is the best. Whether it is black or other colors, when the upper body and boots are the same color, the characteristics of over-the-knee boots can be maximized. If the upper body has many colors, there must be a single that echoes the color of over-the-knee boots. Products, as shown below.

If you think that the uniform tone of knee-high boots is too monotonous, then you can enrich it with accessories or bags, as shown in the picture.

2. Contrast color matching method
In the collocation of knee-length boots, it is also very good to choose a top with a contrasting color, but you must grasp it well. Although over-the-knee boots have the advantages of being taller and thinner, they also have the disadvantage of not being able to appear high-heeled and elegant, especially if they have more colors, they are even less advanced. Therefore, if you want to match with other colors, when you are not sure, we still choose a conservative match that is safer. Use less contrasting colors. It is best not to exceed 3 colors.

3. The simpler the upper body, the better
When pairing with over-the-knee boots, don’t have too many colors and styles. If you particularly like to use floral skirts with over-the-knee boots, remember to find a coat with a solid color point to balance the overall tone, as shown in the picture.

Third, the lightning protection tips for buying knee boots 1. Material selection
The best over-the-knee boots should be suede, followed by leather, the least recommended is patent leather, like bright patent leather or snake-print leopard pattern, otherwise it will look like the following effect.

2. The style must be simple
When shopping for over-the-knee boots, the style should not be too complicated. Even if you have bamboo legs, you may not be able to see where you are wearing over-the-knee boots.

3. The length of the boot is about 10 cm above the knee as the standard
When buying knee-high boots, the general standard is about 10 cm above the knee. If you can’t control the length measurement, please clenched your fist and place it above the knee. The height of the knee-high boots is just above the knee. This fist height is about, then you have chosen a standard over-the-knee boots. If you buy a boot that is too high, it will feel like you are squashed after getting on your feet, as shown below.

4. Booth width selection
When buying knee-length boots, the choice of width is also very important. The best width is to just cover the legs, not loose or tight. If the boots are too wide, the center of gravity of the whole person will move down. If the legs are thinner There will be a feeling that thin chopsticks are inserted into the thick chopstick tube, so too wide boot tube is too ugly, as shown in the picture.

Warm reminder:
When buying over-the-knee boots, if you want to wear them well, choose zippers, but those with zippers don’t cover the legs, and those without zippers are difficult to wear. If you are buying over-the-knee boots without zippers When you wear boots, you must try them on yourself, otherwise it will be a lot of trouble, so if you choose, it depends on the individual.

There is another point. As mentioned earlier, because over-the-knee boots are inherently not elegant and noble, it is destined to follow a simple line of matching. Overly feminine, revealing or complex-designed style tops do not match it well. It looks good, as shown in the figure.

Through the above from matching to color matching, and then to purchase, I believe you should understand how to match knee boots.

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