When you are young, you can play around in dressing styles, you can try any style, but you can’t be so willful in middle age, because dressing style is your own brand, so you can find something that suits you everywhere. How about dressing style? We have a set of test questions, you only need to choose carefully, and you will soon be able to find the location of your clothes.

Prepare a piece of paper and write down the answer to each question.

The following are test questions, please choose carefully according to your preferences.

1. Which of the following clothes do you feel most comfortable and comfortable wearing?
A. Elegant long dress

B. Knitwear

C. Bikini

D. The most popular item at the moment

E. White shirt and jeans

F. Fit sportswear

2. In vacation or free time, where do you like to spend the time best?
A. Romantic vacation spots

B. Tennis court in the suburban sports center

C. Beach

D. Big cities

E. Host a private dinner party at home

F. Take the child on a long journey in a buggy

3. What kind of jewelry or accessories do you usually wear?
A. A large series of very heavy metal texture bracelets

B. Pearl necklace

C. Winter clothes

D. The latest “IT package”

E. Big and round black sunglasses

F. Large-capacity bags

4. What kind of shoes do you wear the most every day?
A. Slippers

B. Loafers

C, bare feet

D, high heels

E. Flat shoes

F. Sneakers

5. What color clothes do you like to wear?
A. Most of them are white

B. There are a lot of navy blue

C, bright colors

D. Black pressure from head to toe

E. Any neutral color

F, dark color

All questions have been selected, please check which option is the most in the answer you selected!

A most: belong to the bohemian style

You are an absolute bohemian girl! You like loose, elegant and romantic dresses and dresses, even if you wear them for comfort and leisure, you still have a beautiful appearance. Most of your clothes can be worn during the day or night; because of that uninhibited atmosphere, you will always look as relaxed as you just returned from a beach vacation. Open your closet. It is either white or off-white, or brown in earth tones, as well as some turkey blue and coral clothes suitable for the beach.

B most: belong to the retro college style

American college style is an old-school and popular dressing style.

You like to wear a POLO shirt with plain pants. People most often see you wearing shorts during the day and going out in country clubs, and in the evening you wear long pants and barbecue with friends. Your basic equipment is knitwear, and the closet is full of navy blue, grass green, pink, etc., and of course refreshing white. And when you want to be noticed, put on bolder prints. Plaid woolen cloth and rhombus are also common styles in your wardrobe.

C most: belong to surf girls

If you have the most C in your answer, you are a typical surfing beauty!

You only care about how big the waves are, and don’t care what happens in the real world, because the beach is your world. Your basic equipment is a bikini, winter clothes and sheepskin boots. Your fashion color palette includes red, yellow, and blue, all with brown or beige. Your bright colors will remind people of beautiful Hawaii. In addition, the distinctive clothes can make everyone see that you are riding a huge wave!

D most: belong to fashionable people

Welcome to the trendy district! You love big cities, and also like wearing your black suit with high heel boots, high heels or high heel sandals. You love to dress up, keep yourself at the forefront of trends, and you wear brands under the designer’s name. You know which items to spend money on, and how to make the overall look more textured. You will never miss the popular topics in Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazzar and other magazines. In addition to black, the color in the wardrobe is more black. With it is the most popular color nowadays, of course, that is the new black.

E most: belongs to classic elegance

Your dressing philosophy is very simple, but it always looks beautiful. You usually wear basic classic models, from NET to the alleys in the east side. There are several white shirts, jeans, wide pants, a perfect black suit jacket, and one or two elegant windbreaker jackets in your wardrobe. You may also have a full drawer of silk scarves and a full cabinet of bags. The colors of your outfit are mainly black, white and tannin primary colors, and then use accessories or accessories to add a touch of color to the look.

F most: belong to the leisure sports style

As an athletic girl, you can lead a very relaxed life outside the big city. You spend almost all of your time taking care of the people around you, but you can still squeeze out a few hours to go to the gym or go jogging outdoors. Before going out for exercise in the morning, you will put on that cute and well-fitting undershirt. Even if you have other activities during the day, you will almost always take it with you. If you are invited by friends in the evening, you will put on a beautiful coat and decent trousers to effectively cope with various occasions. You wear mostly dark clothes, such as navy blue, gray and black. These colors can not only look thin, but if there are stains or wear due to daytime activities, it is not easy to be invisible.

Through the answers you choose, you will know which dressing style is most suitable for you. When choosing clothes, you can also purchase with a purpose.

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