It is human nature to love beauty, especially for women. The emergence of high-heeled shoes gives women a better curve, taller figure, and more beautiful leg lines. When you step on high-heels, the feeling of seeing the mountains is even more intoxicating, even if high-heels are ten thousand difficult You have to buy it if you wear it. High-heeled shoes can also bring women’s painful side when they bring women’s beauty. If high-heeled shoes are worn for a long time, the nerves and bones of the feet will be oppressed. If your job is to wear high heels all day, Then you should learn to relax the legs that we introduce below.

1st action
After get off work, take a short break and change into sportswear, then you can exercise:

A. First, support the ground with both hands, raise the buttocks, the thighs and upper body form an angle of about 70 degrees, the hands are the same width as the shoulders, the legs are brought together, and the eyes are on the knees;

B. Then bend the right knee, raise the heel of the knee that was bent, point to the ground with the toes, and straighten the leg with the foot of the leg that is not bent, then change to the left foot and repeat the above actions. Perform alternating movements of the feet at a constant speed.

2nd action
Stand about 70 to 90 cm away from the wall, adjust the distance freely according to your height, take a step forward with your right foot, making a lunge, stretch your hands forward and shoulder-width apart, hold your palms on the wall, and your left knee at the same time Keep it straight until you feel the sensation of straightening the ligaments. Continue this movement for 3 to 5 seconds, then switch to a left foot lunge and alternate movements.

If you wear high heels for a whole day, this action can relieve your muscles and bones. If you feel energetic, you can also put on sneakers and jog for 10 to 20 minutes.

3rd action
You can stand or sit. Raise one leg and bend it at 90 degrees, stretch out your hands, clasp your fingers around the knees of the thigh that bends this leg, and then use your toes to drive your ankles in a clockwise circle and draw them all over After 10 laps, make a counterclockwise circle. After 10 laps, you can change to another leg and repeat the above action.

The above actions are suitable for wearing high heels for a long time. Because the body will involuntarily lean forward, and because the body needs to adjust the balance through the contraction of the back muscles, it will cause low back pain over time.

4th action
Come back from get off work, take off your high heels, take a break, find a ball or hard tennis ball and other spherical objects, stand on the wall with your back without wearing shoes, raise your left foot, gently step on the ball, roll back and forth, and exercise for a minute , Repeat the above action with another foot.

5th action
A. Find a yoga mat or bed with a quilt, and lie down, with your legs bent at your knees, and your upper and lower legs at a 70-degree angle, slightly open, shoulder-width apart, your hands open flat, palms facing upwards;

B. Raise the buttocks so that the thighs and the torso are in a straight line. At this time, support the body with the feet and shoulders. Hold for 1 to 2 seconds and then gently lower the buttocks. After repeating 20 times, rest for 1 minute and the action is complete.

The above 5 actions, you only need to understand carefully, they are actually very simple and don’t take a lot of time. If you are a sister who loves to wear high heels, or a professional woman who wears high heels to work for a long time, in order not to let her feet Pain, you should learn the relief exercises we introduced above

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