The length of each skirt is different, and the girls who suit them are also different. How to choose a skirt that looks beautiful and tall on yourself? This matter must be viewed according to height. The following types of skirts are divided into three categories according to the general height: petite under 1.6 meters, medium standard type between 1.61 meters and 1.70 meters, and tall type ≥ 1.71 meters. Smart girls, might as well come and take a seat!

One. Petite: under 1.6 meters

A girl of this height, as long as she makes good use of the good proportions of the following short skirts, she can naturally look quite tall.

1. Mini A-line skirt

I have to sigh, the A-line miniskirt’s effect on the transformation of leg length is too significant! For example, the demonstration of the same petite Ariana Grande (1.53 meters): When wearing an A-line skirt, Ariana’s legs are almost as long as his chest when wearing pants!

The biggest skill of the A-line skirt is to raise the waistline in an instant, and the slightly stretched hem can look thinner, making your lower body look slender.

Looking at these street styles, you know that an A-line skirt can shape a pair of long legs the fastest. For petite girls, it is too effective!

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