First of all, the smoking suit and the quiet zuō holding a cigarette in your hand are not necessarily related to a dime!

Bare chest + suit + red lips is not the original appearance of smoking suit!

The blogger was asked by the girl all day long: “Hey, do you think I am suitable for smoking? Is it a bit MAN!”

Is the co-pilot sitting too much? ! Just know that 犟!

Before 1966, the clothes that men wore in smoking rooms were indeed called “smoke suits”. In 1966, Mr. Saint Laurent used this as a prototype to create classic smoking suits: bow tie + suit + thick heels + smoking makeup, and the I-shaped body shape allowed The dresser looks like a cigarette, but it is not. The blogger asked a lot of people what everyone remembers is the appearance of a naked woman smoking.


Standard Type I Smoking Suit

Early smoking wear emphasizes the outline. This will deliberately extend and strengthen the contours of the shoulders. In order to strengthen the neutral atmosphere, the female curve will be weakened by elements such as ties, bow tie shirts, etc., to make the overall shape more linear, and it is more manly to speak.


The nightclub QUEEN-Bianca Jagger in the 70s loved the white smoking suit. I chose this as a wedding dress for the wedding with Mick in 1971.

Since then, cigarettes of different styles have been introduced almost every year. From the heyday of feminist movement in the 1980s, the cigarettes emphasized wide shoulder lines, shoulder pads and narrow trousers, presenting a wide upper and narrow inverted triangle, which created a powerful image of a strong woman, to the 90s. Incorporating three-dimensional cutting skills, the trousers are loosely trailed, and they are taking an elegant and leisurely route. The shoulder line of the last set of designs in 2002 was significantly reduced by half an inch. The narrow-shouldered short body is neat.

The white on the left is the 1989 smoking outfit LOOK; the right is the YSL’s last smoking outfit LOOK in 2002

Several great upheavals, smoking outfits have changed in different ways while maintaining the essence of women’s independence and bravery. Apart from the magical 15 years and 16 years ss&sw, the performance in 12-14 years is still good


Whether it’s because the LOOK is too classic, or I listen to B RUN the world a little bit, almost all stars have tried this classic LOOK, but some people wear a sense of smoking, more wear a new dimension, ,,

(As follows, only 2 sets are in the eyes of bloggers, how many sets do you like?)

Of course, when it comes to smoking outfits, how can anyone in the fashion world miss it? Outside the gate of a show where flowers and butterflies are in full bloom, the idea of relying on simple black and white to get the eyeballs will be turned over by major bloggers and celebrities. Blind!

So, the blogger still has to roll his eyes and teach you how to avoid smoking pretend to be a secretary!

Must see if the legs are not long!

In a society where people must look at their legs, girls will have snacks, don’t force yourself into another Deng Ziqi, put away your fitness pants, wide-leg pants, culottes, half skirts, and long skirts. There is always one that can stop you from being strong. Thighs with thick waterproof platform.

Smoking clothes must be glamorous and noble. Have you ever asked me about the Northeast Print? There is always a combination of different materials and colors that can be more exaggerated

If the beauty is not perfect, it is ugly to Mars

Ms. Deng told us personally: the fashion industry is fair, it has nothing to do with looks, and it has nothing to do with the thickness of legs! Don’t be discouraged if you are struggling like a blogger in the bottleneck period of [I feel beautiful but others don’t understand]! A beautiful road is constipated, and thousands of thunder and ugly roads are open for us!

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