How to choose shorts without embarrassment

Summer is the season that wears knickers, the more simple sheet tastes everybody more don’t care, actually knickers also has a style.

Choose right style ability to wear a tall beauty is thin, the small skill that below these a few choose knickers everybody can want to remember firmly.

Buy shorts must pay attention to these principles, otherwise wear the wrong very embarrassing!

Fashionable and beautiful, especially suitable for this hot summer.

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You should know how to dress tall and slim

Part 1 Center of gravity up-regulated

For small people, try your best to avoid losing weight.

Focus your attention on your upper body to increase the visual height you give to others.

So, the design is more complex or more bright color of the single product, we should try to wear them in the upper half of the body, the lower half of the body to simple not eye-catching.

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