We often hear expressions like: that girl is so tall, and this girl is so cute!
This is to describe tall girl and small beauty commonly used praise way, no matter be tall pick no matter, or it is exquisite, respective have respective advantage, each have respective advantage, as if two kinds of difference bigger girl can find balance, but in reality, small girl can’t find this kind of balance from start to finish.

The sister of life, under 160 cm tall, even if again beautiful, whether in yourself or in others heart, always feel is missing something, but don’t have to, if you grasp the “change” yourself high dress rules, can improve the waist line, stretch the leg proportion, from the vision of others in 5 to 10 cm tall.
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What kind of jeans look good on you? The answer is no. Why?
Maybe there’s no careful to note that some people wear jeans is very good-looking, but some people wear jeans to go their own shape defects after all show come out, but counterproductive, why can appear such result, the reason is very simple, no according to their size and shape to pick the right pair of jeans.
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How does a T-shirt look good?There are 3 kinds of models to see which one suits you

T-shirts are a must in summer.
They are universal. They are available every day.
But with a simple T-shirt like this, you can wear your own fashion.
In addition to color, the most important thing in choosing A T-shirt is the version. Girls of different shapes have their own styles. Let’s see which style you are suitable for!

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How to choose sunglasses, pabiuyou shop to share

If you think buying sunglasses is all about trying on products and looking in the mirror, this article will refresh your understanding.Have you considered UV protection?Durability, visibility, head shape and face shape?In addition to aesthetics, there are many issues to consider when buying sunglasses!

Choose sunglasses that protect your eyes

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How to choose high heels that suit you

High heels are exclusive fashion items for girls, which can not only directly increase the figure, but also improve the body and temperament, making people more feminine.
But what is a good pair of heels?
The higher the heel, the better the shape?
How do you choose high heels?
1. What height do you choose

First of all, the height of high heels. Let’s take a look at the comparison figure. It can be clearly seen that the height of high heels achieves the best effect on the shape of legs when it is about 8cm.
So in order to achieve a better body image, those who insist on high heels really don’t have to suffer so much.
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How do girls choose swimsuits?(Must-see for girls)

Swimsuits, trunks and caps are essential equipment for going out swimming.
Whether you’re in a hot spring, in a swimming pool, or out swimming, you should do your homework.
So, a lot of people tangled, do not wear underwear and underwear, dirty things are easy to get into there, and there are concave and convex appearance, especially awkward, in order to avoid these problems, small make up very sure to tell you do not wear underwear, and choose a swimsuit should pay attention to the following points.
1. Fabric: Choose a stretch swimsuit.

If the suit is made entirely of stretch fabric, the suit can follow the movement of the body and stay close to the body.
Pay special attention to the fabric should not choose imitation, poor fabric, poor elasticity, after entering the water with extremely poor resilience swimsuit experience will be reduced.
Quality swimsuits, for example, those worn by professional athletes, must be flexible and absorbent, reducing drag and weight.
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How do girls choose bikinis?

It doesn’t matter how you choose to be fit.Floral, solid, ribbon, strapless, metallic, elegant and sexy, etcIf you’re not a model:Top, top:For large breasts, do not put on the chest style or tie the neck style, because it can not be carried easily, and the chest will flow out easily.Thin ones with steel rings are suitable.Bring the chest together, firm, round and full, as shown:

You can imagine if a large mm was wearing a wiper (pictured below), the chest would bounce back and forth…

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