When you are young, you can play around in dressing styles, you can try any style, but you can’t be so willful in middle age, because dressing style is your own brand, so you can find something that suits you everywhere. How about dressing style? We have a set of test questions, you only need to choose carefully, and you will soon be able to find the location of your clothes.

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The length of each skirt is different, and the girls who suit them are also different. How to choose a skirt that looks beautiful and tall on yourself? This matter must be viewed according to height. The following types of skirts are divided into three categories according to the general height: petite under 1.6 meters, medium standard type between 1.61 meters and 1.70 meters, and tall type ≥ 1.71 meters. Smart girls, might as well come and take a seat!

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How to choose a sweater in autumn, otherwise really show ugly

Who doesn’t like sweaters as a trendy fall single or as a winter base?
But sweater is versatile again, also need to pay attention to these three points, otherwise minutes to reduce your appearance level, but also very fat!
1.Do not pile up collars and turtlenecks

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How should the girl of different body type choose pants

Girl in this world, the figure can’t all like model and star on TV, their proportion generally better, basic it is big long legs, the flesh is quite fit, let a person look at uncomfortable, it’s no wonder they both what clothes to wear good-looking, even soil again sheet is tasted, can also be they wear a fashion sense.

But like us this ordinary ordinary people figure can be far away, often should not be fat place fat, the place where there is meat it is not long.And because of some girls’ daily habits, such as like to cross their legs, or often sit incorrectly, will lead to their posture problems, so according to their body type to choose the right pants, wear fashion and slim!

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How to choose a dress that suits you?Pay attention to these five points

Although dress is very good-looking joker, but because the design is different, the crowd that suits is different also.
Some dresses may look great on others, but not on you.
So, it is very important in the choice of dress.
So how can we pick out the perfect dress for ourselves?

Why is it that other people look so good in a dress, but you look so cheesy, tacky and even fat in it?In fact, it is not the relationship between your figure, but your choice has a problem!And now it’s dress season!Next to share a few points to choose dress skills, of course, good figure of beauty, you can ignore ~

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Make these beautiful dresses perfect for you in the summer

What to do without a skirt in this hot summer day?This day has been so hot, how can not have a beautiful skirt to pass this hot summer.

Anyway what has the cowboy half skirt of youth fan son, curve is very full the slim dress that shows beautiful temperament more, restoring ancient ways and the embroider dress that modern fan son collids to come out ah, the chiffon dress that comfortable feeling temperament feels extremely good

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