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In addition to new clothes and cosmetics, women have the most important thing: underwear. Although underwear is not worn outside like clothes, anyone can look at it, but you can’t act rashly. Underwear that is too cheap is of no quality, and good underwear is too expensive. When economic conditions permit, it is better to buy. Generally, it will be replaced in three or two months. Most underwear damage comes from the cleaning process, so today we will talk about how to properly clean underwear to extend the life of underwear.

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Carrot legs, we often say that the calf is too thick, even if the upper body is perfect, the thick and round lower body will greatly damage your image. How to dress and match the carrot legs, this is the theme we are going to talk about today. We can’t make the proportions of the body more perfect in the true sense, so we can start visually and dress up to conceal our shortcomings and make our advantages more prominent.

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For over-the-knee boots, people often say that they look good when others wear boots, but they never have the courage to buy a pair, because over-the-knee boots are very picky. Not only do they have to be in good shape, but also tall, but they are also very difficult. Matching, today, the matcher will let you see how to match the knee boots best.

In fact, are knee boots really so difficult to control?

Although over-the-knee boots are not a versatile item, they are not as cold as a plaid shirt or leopard print. If the knee boots are matched properly, it will definitely make you stunning and full of temperament, please see the picture below.

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In the autumn and winter season, leather pants began to come into our sight. The narrow-footed, close-fitting design is easier to show the graceful leg curves, which is sexy and handsome. As a woman, it is a great regret in life not to wear leather pants. However, as for how to match leather pants to look good, it is a flaw for many women. You will know after reading the following 11 examples of wearing them.

Fashion matching of leather pants 1

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When you are young, you can play around in dressing styles, you can try any style, but you can’t be so willful in middle age, because dressing style is your own brand, so you can find something that suits you everywhere. How about dressing style? We have a set of test questions, you only need to choose carefully, and you will soon be able to find the location of your clothes.

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It is human nature to love beauty, especially for women. The emergence of high-heeled shoes gives women a better curve, taller figure, and more beautiful leg lines. When you step on high-heels, the feeling of seeing the mountains is even more intoxicating, even if high-heels are ten thousand difficult You have to buy it if you wear it. High-heeled shoes can also bring women’s painful side when they bring women’s beauty. If high-heeled shoes are worn for a long time, the nerves and bones of the feet will be oppressed. If your job is to wear high heels all day, Then you should learn to relax the legs that we introduce below.

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As a woman who loves beauty and fashion, no one can refuse the temptation of high heels. Maybe you only know that high heels look good on your feet, but you don’t know that wearing high heels can be good for your body shape. Maybe you don’t have time to walk in high heels on your way to and from get off work. It’s okay. You can finish eating at night and do all the housework. After that, put on high heels and walk outdoors. Spend at least 20 to 30 minutes a day. Not to mention that there is no time. Time is like water in a sponge. As long as you squeeze hard, there will always be something. Learn to wear high heels, learn to build and relax. , This is the basic quality necessary to be a temperament woman.

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